Top companies for factory worker jobs in Canada

Factory workers

Canada is well known for its very large job market for factory workers offering numerous job opportunities to different people. There are so many top companies offering factory worker jobs in Canada and we will discuss a few that stand out with their requirements. Whether you are an experienced professional worker or you are just looking towards starting a career there, you can find good companies that are always ready to employ you in Canada.

Top companies for factory worker jobs in Canada

1.GCBS Group

$17 hourly.

Full time.

Generations Cleaning is looking for very experienced and professional cleaners that will be helping out to clean a factory that is based in Concord. Generations Cleaning is a fast growing business and they are looking for more cleaners to join their team and help expand and grow with them. The Cleaners have to be efficient, hardworking and also dedicated and be willing to help Generations Cleaning business succeed. They are based in Vaughan Concord and the shifts are Monday to Friday from 3:00 pm to 11:00 pm x2.



As a worker willing to work for them, your role will be to work a with our team for the 8 hour shift every day while cleaning many placed around the factory, your shifts will include cleaning rotations and works such as:

Sweeping and mopping the flooring and also vacuuming carpeted areas, dusting ledges, windows and door frame. Wiping the desk, countertop and also the chairs with a damp cloth, clearing any debris on floors or on any surfaces, thoroughly cleaning bathrooms and the exterior toilet, cleaning the toilet bowl. Wiping down the sink and also polishing the taps, spot cleaning the mirrors and baseboards and sweeping and mopping floors also emptying the garbage and covering the bin with a new bag.

Also you will have to thoroughly clean the kitchen and also the lunchroom area by wiping down the counter and sink, also polishing the taps and sweeping and mopping the floors, cleaning the tables and chairs, cleaning the exterior of the various appliances and the interior of the microwave, emptying the garbage and using an auto scrubber to also clean the floors of the factory.

Requirements for Applying:

They need a self motivated person with a cleaning experience of at least 2 years, experience with an auto scrubber is an added advantage. You should also be comfortable standing for long periods and be able to perform the task you are given efficiently. And also organized with cleaning the supplies you are given as well as setup.


2. ABL Employment

$133-$149/ Day

Full time

Location: Toronto.

ABL Employment has so many openings for general Labour workers across the Greater Toronto Area ( GTA) which includes Moving, Removal, Storage abs and junk with Manufacturer companies that are growing and looking for good employees, who want to work with them.


You will be working a day to day assignment and flexible shifts. You can get your weekly pay on Friday or Get your 1st day’s pay after your 2nd shift. The job includes loading and unloading certain goods, packaging goods, shipping and receiving, picking up orders and putting them in their shelves. Other duties may be given to you.

Requirements for Applying

you have to be able to lift 50 to 60lbs, also you should have a flexible schedule as this will help to speed up the hiring process, you can apply directly to this job by uploading your resume as a Word Document or PDF as other formats would not work out. After that, it will create a unique file for you and you will have a short questionnaire emailed to you.

Send an email of your resume via And if you match their preference, you will  be contacted. The skills associated with this company include: general Labour, warehouse worker, manufacturing, heavy lifting, distributor, factory, shipping, order picking, packing etc. Accommodations is also available to anyone with disabilities taking part in the selection process once it is requested.


3. Bimbo Canada.

$20 per hour


Toronto. ON


Bimbo bake house (BBI) is a top company in the baking industry sector, it is well known for its good brands, nice products, freshness and the quality of their products. They are also the largest supplier of frozen par baked products in North America, and they deliver their products to retail stores, local  bakeries and food service channels. The frozen division of the Bimbo group, the world’s largest baking company, is called BBU.

By working with Bimbo group, you can be able to work where you live, and make a positive impact in your community, Bimbo aims at nourishing a better world and they care so much about the well being of their associates, their associate’s safety is #1 concern.


You will be provided with hands-on training while you are working for Bimbo Baker House, so as to possess the skills that are needed to perform your duties very safely and efficiently. Everyone at Bimbo Bakehouse is Respected and valued, while being treated with fairness, trust and care.

Requirements for Applying

In order to work for Bimbo group, you must be an individual that is eager to learn as well as dedicated and a team player. You should possess an eye for details and also someone that won’t be scared to take on physically demanding tasks, and also values safety So much.

4.General Production worker

Location: 271 Attwell Drive, Etobicoke M9W 5B9.




They are looking for motivated individuals that can manage products and do tasks that consist of mixing, baking and also packaging products. Also they should have good hand-eye coordination, and have to be 18 years old or older and must be able to follow GMP and the food safety regulations.

They should be able to pay attention to details while working safely and be able to either work alone or as a team, they should also master English thoroughly both in the written or oral aspect.

Also having Mathematical and computer skills are an added advantage, you can have a flexible schedule and also work additional hours as the factory always operates 24/7. The factory has a fast paced manufacturing facility so you can be able to work efficiently, also it’s very warm and humid environment and cold ones in the freezer section.


The person should meet a physical demand which is repetitive heavy lifting of products that are up to 40lbs, and should also be able to stand, push and also pull for an extended period of time.

5. Factory Tile Depot

Oakville, ON

$37,000/ year

Full Time


Medical, Dental advantage.

To apply for this job you don’t necessarily need experience as you will be receiving adequate training and you will fit in so well with the other employees as your ideas will always be valued and you will always be challenged as well as celebrated. You will also be working for an organization where you will be able to make a significant impact on a tight and very supportive team, while also having the perfect opportunities for growth and advancement.

Requirements for Applying

The online application gives you the option to apply as a complete candidate and not only with a resume. After applying, your qualifications, personality traits and workplace preference will be accessed and checked, the entire process would not take more than 10 to 15 minutes to finish.

After submitting everything, you should receive an email inviting you to login and view your assessment results. They value diversity and inclusion, so every qualified individual is invited to apply. Once your application has been reviewed you will now be able to select to complete a brief assessment through email as part of their in depth recruitment process.



The nature of factory worker jobs in Canada has a very dynamic landscape with very promising options. The companies that have been listed above don’t only offer good employment opportunities but they also help provide an insight of the nice Canadian manufacturing sector.

As you are trying to choose a career path, you can consider these various top industries for a nice and wholesome journey through the Canadian manufacturing sector. These companies are committed to excellence and also are ever growing, therefore making them pillars in the foundation of the Canadian vibrant and evolving workforce.

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