Canada Jobs with Visa sponsorship for foreign workers

Moving to a new country to pursue a particular career can be challenging at times but also very exciting. If you are looking to work in Canada, the environment is very promising because there are so many available jobs, and some of them come with scholarships especially for foreign workers.

In this article, we will be discussing some Canada jobs with visa sponsorship for foreign workers that provide scholarships and their requirements. Whether you are an expert in your field or just a beginner who just graduated, and ready to explore some opportunities Canada always offers a welcoming hand to everyone.

Top Canada Jobs with Visa sponsorship for foreign workers


Physical Therapist ( for U.S. and Canadian candidates).

Location: Lock Haven, PA.


AdvantageCare Rehabilitation is looking for a very compassionate and Experienced Full-Time Physical Therapist to join their team in Lock Haven. PA. You can take on this opportunity to showcase your skills in a very supportive environment and your skills will improve people’s lives as well as be rewarded.


Pro’s of Advantagecare.

Professional Experience: while working with AdvantageCare you have the opportunity to get a role that will go well with aspirations as well as a nice environment for continuous learning and also advancement opportunities.

Team work: Working in AdvantageCare also provides an atmosphere where teamwork and mutual respect are valued in a collaborative environment.

Very Rewarding: by working for Advantagecare you will be able to always benefit from a competitive salary and also a nice sign on bonus and a list of other benefits.


Flexible schedule: You also will be able to enjoy certain benefits that come with a flexible schedule, and a flexible schedule will also help ensure a nice balance between your work life and your personal life. Also the work you do will make a great difference in the lives of your patients.

Your job as a physical therapist in AdvantageCare is to always provide the best quality physical therapy services to clients, helping them on their journey to a form of functional Independence. You also need to work with a team approach to the clients care, while ensuring the best outcomes and a positive experience.

You will also need to supervise and work together with physical therapist assistants and help them by enriching their professional growth, and also maintain the highest standards of safety and adhere to the rules while delivering rehabilitation services.


To apply for a post as a Physical Therapist in AdvantageCare, you need to be a graduate from a physical therapy program as well as have a passion for patient care, you should also be licensed as a Physical Therapist or be willing to apply for one with their assistance. It’s open for both Canadian and also U.S. residents and visa sponsorship is also provided.



Marina Decisions


Medical benefits

Full time

Marina Decisions is open to marketing enthusiasts who are good at building programs as well as manage the systems that are required to generate consistent Lead traffic. The candidate should be able to utilize marketo to its maximum potential and also employ all of the available features to load the top of the funnel and also must have knowledge of SFDC integration.


They can also help to provide the candidates with visa sponsorship on a time to time basis, you will also get the chance to work with the most innovative teams and in a very cool working environment.


You should be able to work in a fast and very organized environment, it is also a must to have program and project management skills, and also around 2-3 years of marketo experience and also you should have 1-2 years of Salesforce experience to be able to qualify. You should also be self motivated and very passionate about marketing, as well as be ready to learn more and grow.

Marrina Decisions provides its workers with Health Benefits, paid vacation, Funded holidays and also adequate ongoing training programs and great opportunities to learn and grow in the MarTech world.



Location: Toronto, ON


Provides Medical, paid leave and life insurance

Full time. 

Oxa is based in Oxford but it has offices in Canada and also in the US, Oxbotica is an international startup that was founded in 2014 and has been growing rapidly ever since with over 300 workers and growing. Their technology attracts investment everyday and they have raised around $140 million in the series C investment round. This funding has helped their expansion and fast track the deployment of their technology in North America and EMEA. You will also need to join their data team.

Your job will be to create and update existing pipelines that will be paid synthetic data generation and also scenario expansion. Also you’ll be responsible to interpreting data, and governing data, while sharing findings from the validation.


You will also need to create dashboard for metrics management, Collaborate with the ML and also the robotics engineers in order to develop a reliable solutions. Also you should be able to Generate and maintain a form of high quality datasets for for validation of the classical as well as machine learning based system using oxa’s internal tools.


You should have a degree (Master/PhD) in Engineering with experience in software development and also Machine learning python and also you should have experience in handling very large scale datasets on scalable infrastructure. You should also have proficiency in developing, and designing as well as debugging python codes. It is also advisable to Good knowledge on classical and ML based representation learning, also data augmentation and also data synthesis.

Our goal at Aviso Wealth is to help Canadians become more financially secure. Being a top wealth management company, we have a strong commitment to community, leadership, innovation, collaboration, and responsibility. They stand out due to our dynamic “one aviso” culture and our people, who are bright, driven professionals who live up to our values every day.

Visit to learn more about Aviso Wealth, a company dedicated to providing its employees with engaging and demanding work opportunities.


You will be expected to regularly carry out crucial tasks from your designated Aviso office on behalf of the business. You will be required to work onsite at our office located at 151 Yonge Street, Toronto, ON, one to three days a week. This role is classified as medium flexibility.

The Sales Associate, who answers to the Manager, Sales Support, is in charge of collaborating with the team to help the group hit a sales goal within the designated sales territory. Scheduling meetings, organizing and managing events, preparing marketing materials, and getting compliance clearances are all part of the duties.


Service: You show that you understand and prioritize the needs of your clients by taking into account both internal and external stakeholders. You strive to provide needs-based solutions and promote the provision of excellent customer service. By being proactive, you create strategic alliances that enable Aviso Wealth to grow into a reliable partner and advisor.

Execution: You have a strong commitment to succeeding and reaching your objectives. This entails concentrating on “getting things done” in addition to spotting and seizing opportunities as they present themselves. You recognize the value of continuous improvement and are constantly seeking methods to achieve your personal best. You accept responsibility for your deeds and grow from your mistakes.


Cooperation: You cooperate with others in order to achieve the shared objective of achieving favorable outcomes. It is essential to make significant contributions to your team in order to accomplish company objectives. You actively promote cooperation, foster inclusion and trust, and endeavor to forge strong bonds with people inside and outside the company.

Requirements for applying

  • diploma or post-secondary degree in business administration or a similar discipline
  • one or more years of coordinator or sales support experience
  • It would be advantageous to have completed the IFIC Operations course or the Canadian Securities Course (CSC) successfully.
  • Curiosity and interest in capital markets
  • strong computer abilities, especially with the Microsoft Office program suite; Salesforce experience is ideal
  • strong sense of time management and organization
  • The capacity to set priorities and address problems
  • Dedicated to Responsible Investing, team player with aspirations of earning RIS designation
  • Excellent disposition and aptitude for forming business connections
  • It is necessary to have proficient English communication skills, and being bilingual in French is advantageous.


Going through the Canadian job market as a foreign workers with visa sponsorship will be really helpful to you and opens up lots of opportunities for you in Canada. The companies that are listes above in this article are not will help support you in your quest to join the job market by giving you visa sponsorship. Remember that the Canadian environment is rich with opportunities and is very welcoming for foreigners and also very serene.

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