13 Little Things Anxiety Makes You Do


You may have some quirks. Most people do.

Some of your bizarre behaviors may have started innocently when you were younger to give you comfort from your worries. They have probably worked for you, providing you with some degree of relief or control.


Over time, they may have become nervous habits fueled by a compulsion to feel better. You may also have developed anxiety.

The classic signs of anxiety are restlessness, fatigue, muscle tension, and irritability. Sometimes, the worry can present as sweating, an upset stomach, a headache, or nervousness. Other times, nervousness can manifest itself in small behaviors so small that you may not even notice them until someone points them out to you.

In a TikTok video by psychologist Dr. Julie Smith, she makes this point that has resonated with thousands of viewers who acknowledge all the little things anxiety makes them do.


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These idiosyncrasies might show up when you’re under a lot of stress or might help you cope more smoothly.

Here are 13 bizarre things anxiety makes you do (that you might not even realize):

1. You twist your hair.

Rolling your hair can feel great, especially after a fresh wash. You could toss your hair, twirl it, put it in coils, or brush it lightly against your cheek. Sometimes this emerges when you are overwhelmed or when your mind is working overtime.



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